Known for popping up in unusual locations Bill Murray’s latest mischief is photoboming this engagement photo. The lucky couple was Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers, from Charleston, South Carolina, who were “thrilled” to see the ‘Ghostbuster’s star. The photographer was also pleased as punch: “I’m looking through the lens, the couple seems stunned and distracted and I think to myself ‘oh great, someone is bothering them’,” said Raheel Gauba of the FIA Forever firm. “I turn around and I see Mr. Murray standing there with his shirt pulled up and belly proudly on display which he is patting pretty loudly in an attempt to make the couple laugh. Needless to say I was stunned and I invited Mr. Murray to join the couple for a quick shot,” he added.

Pictured: Bill Murray, Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers

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Picture by: Raheel Gauba/Splash News

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